Corrections Approved Computing

We provide a secure computing solution for you to deliver education content, leisure activities, and a cultural shift to your correctional setting.

Delivering Secure and Effective Education in Justice Settings

Securebook laptops and docking stations deliver the robust security solutions government agencies (BOP, DOCs, DJJs, County Jails) need, along with the flexible, feature-rich tools to empower education providers (universities, community colleges, NGOs). Our devices offer several advantages over traditional laptops to minimize risks and ensure program continuity.

Now Offering Fully Insured Device Rentals - $35/month for any device for any period of time. Device purchases still available. (more details)

Securebook 6 - Available now for state agencies and community colleges

Chrome Securebook vs Chromebook

Discover the advantages of our flexible Chrome OS Flex / Windows device versus a traditional Chromebook or Windows OS laptop deployment

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Securebook 6 Brochure

A simple PDF covering our durable, secure laptops for correctional settings. Support education, job training, and rehabilitation with limited functionality.

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Tech Specs and Price List

The Securebook 6 prioritizes security and fair pricing. Find detailed technical specs and price list here.

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Delivering Secure and Effective Education in Justice Settings

Technical security

No USB, camera, or networking by default (WiFi optional). Connect these features selectively via secure docking stations.

Physical security

Metal-free keyboard, compact size, transparent housing, visible battery, and Kensington locks minimize misuse risks.

Control your content

Large storage available for pre-installed resources, plus the ownership to customize with your preferred operating system

Granular BIOS controls

Precise BIOS controls: Manage boot options or order, lock SSD, and selectively disable WiFi, keyboard, and trackpad.

Procurement support

Consistent availability planned until 2027, transparent pricing, understanding of long procurement processes, and compatibility with purchase orders.

Eco packaging and production

Eco-friendly packaging converts into a charging station for cost savings and reduced waste.

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Living Units

No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrusion


No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrustion


No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrustion