Corrections Approved Computing

We provide a secure computing solution for you to deliver education content, leisure activities, and a cultural shift to your correctional setting.

Securebook 5.0 and Securedock

After spending years working in corrections education, the Justice Tech Solutions team realized the need for correctional agencies, universities, and nonprofits to deploy safe and secure laptops to their learners. We built our fifth generation laptop, the Securebook 5.0, and accompanying Securedocks to fill this need.

The Securebook 5.0 is a transparent laptop with no USB ports or networking devices built into the laptop. This, along with other security features of the devices, allows administrators to deploy Securebooks in correctional settings without worry about abuse from USB intrusion or network access. The Securebook 5.0 can, however, be temporarily docked on a Securedock and USB, ethernet, or WiFi connectivity can be added while users are in the classroom, library or other monitored setting.

In late 2021, we have also begun deploying a Securebook 5.0 with WiFi inside it for correctional facilities who have agreed to allow WiFi connectivity inside the Securebook 5.0.

Once purchasing a Securebook 5.0, the device is yours without contract or subscription. By default, the Securebook 5.0 does not come with an operating system, leaving colleges or agencies free to use their existing software vendor relationships to deploy Windows, Chrome, or Linux at their facilities.

We continue to iterate and improve the device and look forward to serving our community long into the future. At this point, Securebook 5.0 devices are made in batches twice a year so availability may vary. The devices are also made largely by hand and have been shown to need more repairs than comparably mass produced devivces. We continue to work to improve quality while offering a seemless repair and warranty process.

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No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrusion


No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrustion


No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrustion