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We provide a secure computing solution for you to deliver education content, leisure activities, and a cultural shift to your correctional setting.

Securebook 6 Now Available!

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Thinking about running a digital education program in a correctional setting? We're here to help. After spending nearly a decade trying to run digital education programming inside prisons across the country, Jeremy Schwartz worked with individuals from a few statewide DOCs to design and build the perfect laptop for corrections. The right laptop (or tablet) is a start in our primer on how we recommend going forward with teaching "online" or "offline" inside (here):

Digital College Securely in Correctional Settings

Securebooks have been deployed by dozens of colleges, nonprofits, and correctional agencies to support digital education inside facilities. Securebooks offer key benefits vs traditional laptops to reduce the risk of program disruption due to misuse of tranditional laptops.

-Transparent housing (easily determine if battery has been removed, batteries are fire hazards)

- No onboard USB / Camera / Networking (when a Securebook goes to a living unit, it can only be used to interact with pre-installed software unless WiFi has been approved. Content cannot be smuggled in via USB or software added until the Securebook is on a docking station)

- Metal-free Keyboard (any traditional laptop has metal bars under the large space, enter, and tab keys of a keyboard which is easily weaponized for can be used for self-harm)

- Large storage options (for pre-installing hundreds of videos or research libraries, Securebooks have a SATAIII SSD storage drive which can be upgraded up to 1TB in size)

- Operating system and ownership (these devices are not subject to using any particular software or contracted services vendor. You will own them to install any operating system you wish, including Chrome OS, Windows 11/10, or Ubuntu)

- Living unit approved (these devices are under 4lb to reduce risk of weaponization and have 8 hour long battery life to reduce the need for charging. They also have locking cable connections on both sides of the laptop to secure the device in place via standard locking cables)

- Procurement ease (The Securebook 6.0 will be available for purchase through 2026 allowing you to add units as needed while maintaining one hardware platform. We work with purchase orders and pre-orders or through our online store. Our pricing is the same for everyone and available always on our website.)

-BIOS Controls (our 6.0 devices come with enhanced BIOS controls for nearly every feature of the device which cannot be reset by users, including boot orders and I/O functionality)

- TAA Compliant Laptop Version Available (contact us for more information)

Securebook 5.0 (2018-2022) is known to be in varying stages of use in DOC or DJJ facilities operated in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Florida and the Federal Bureau of Prisons

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No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrusion


No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrustion


No Internet Needed, Devices Secured from Intrustion