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Securebook 6 Resources:

  • Which production run do I have?
    • We produce devices in batches every 4-6 months. We continue to make improvements with each production run of our device, without any change to model naming. Knowing your production run can help solve issues retroactively.
      Production Run Serial Number Beginning Trackpad and Keyboard Remedy:
      1A 0945230507XXXX Replacement
      1B 0942230507XXXX Replacement
      1C 0943230506XXXX Replacement
      2 0943230714XXXX BIOS 3.03+ or Replace
      2 0945230714XXXX BIOS 3.03+ or Replace
      2 0942230714XXXX BIOS 3.03+ or Replace
    • Production run 2 changes:
      • BIOS option to turn off trackpad while typing
      • BIOS option to disable trackpad or keyboard entirely
      • Stickering on headphones and power jack to reduce confusion
    • Production run 3 changes:
      • New keyboard (split space key, resized shift keys)
      • New trackpad (recognized as trackpad in Windows and Chrome)
      • Resized headphone jack hole to prevent entry of power cord
  • Drivers:
    • It is critically important to install the correct drivers for this device if you are installing your own Windows 10/11 operating system. A full driver package is available here: (link)
    • The graphics card driver must be installed manually. Windows will not pick it up as needing to be installed because it will use a default driver. The driver is found inside the above package at VGA -> win64 -> Installer.exe
  • BIOS releases (contact for access):
    • BIOS 3.11.X - BIOS released 3.11.X are state specific BIOS releases that have default settings for specific state agencies. They are all built on BIOS 3.09
    • BIOS 3.09.1 is released for production run 3 devices. These devices have a new trackpad and keyboard, therefor, the default setting in BIOS to turn off the trackpad while typing is DISABLED as it is no longer necessary
    • BIOS 3.09 has a new default password, based on BIOS 3.03. Also introduces 512-SHA password encryption and whitelisting of internal components.
    • MAJOR - BIOS 3.03 fixes some problems with production 1 and production 2 Securebook 6 trackpads and keyboards. Production 3 Securebook 6 has implemented a new trackpad and keyboard and fully fixed any mouse jumps or space bar issues.
    • MAJOR - BIOS 3.03 should have the default password changed as this is a publicly known password.
    • BIOS before 3.02 should be updated
  • Keyboard and Trackpad:
    • In our first two production runs of the Securebook 6, the trackpad was recognized as an external mouse in Device Manager. This created an unfortunate behavior where light palm touches while typing would cause the cursor to activate and jump.
      • For the first production run, we have available replacement keyboards and trackpads that must be physically installed.
      • For the second production run, an update to BIOS is available to 3.09 and EC 3.04 is available. This update turns off the trackpad at the BIOS level while the keyboard is active. If this causes specific software usage problems (inability to use keyboard and trackpad at the same time), the setting can be turned off or the trackpad replaced.
  • Procurement:
    • We support rentals, leasing, or financing depending on your needs.

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