Warranty Repair Service

Warranty Claim Instructions:

    • First-time users: Register your devices by contacting jeremy@justicetechsolutions.com and create your account on our website (top right corner) using your preferred shipping address.

    • Multiple boxes: Process a separate claim for each box you'll be shipping.

    • Device details: In the "additional information" box, include identifying markers for each device (serial numbers, ID tags, stickers) and a brief description of the problem.

    • Data backup: We try to preserve your data, but it's not always possible. If data loss is a concern, let us know in the "additional information" section.

Warranty Coverage:

    • We cover manufacturer defects, not physical damage, unless Any Damage Coverage has been purchased. 
    • Default warranty: 6 months or 1 month after deployment (whichever is later).
    • Extended warranties may apply to some devices.