Securebook 6
Securebook 6
Securebook 6
Securebook 6

Securebook 6

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A laptop form factor computer without laptop security vulnerabilities. Released in October 2022.

Securebook 6 Documents:

Securebook 6 Brochure (here)

Securebook 6 Price List (here)

Securebook 6 Tech Specs (here)

Comparison Chart of Securebook 6 vs 5.0 (here)

This Securebook can be used confidently in a living unit without fear of hacking or abuse by residents. The Securebook is transparent for quick visual inspection by security staff and lacks all connectivity ports for easy management by IT staff.

By removing USB ports, Cameras, and Networking (ethernet and WiFi), the laptop itself has no ability to communicate with the outside world. This makes it secure in the hands of residents who are not monitored during their use of the device.

The Securebook pairs with a proprietary docking station, the Securedock, which should be kept locked away in a secure and monitored setting, for updates, printing, or network access.


Windows Driver Package:

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  • Hi, Curious as to whether you ship to Australia? Quite interested in these products for a use case over here. Kind regards, Rob

    Hi Rob - we have not shipped to Australia, but wouldn't be opposed to trying it out. Sometimes customs and licensing can be challenging internationally, but we're happy to give it a shot if you're operating with some patience around that.

  • Does the computer have a HDMI port so it can be connected to a TV. other wise its useless for what we need it for. THANK YOU

    Yes! If you put the computer on a docking station, there is an HDMI port on the docking station.