Trade in Securebook 5 and Docking Stations for Credit

For a limited time, for each Securebook 5 laptop you trade in you can receive $50 off the purchase of a replacement Securebook 6. For each docking station you trade in (black or red) you receive $40 off the purchase of a replacement docking station (any Securebook 6 docking station).  If you would prefer to donate working hardware, we will accept hardware donations and offer that hardware to youth correctional facilities in need of laptops at no cost for Securebooks in good condition or repurpose for parts other devices.

We do have a limited ability to repurpose some of this hardware, which must be in working condition when we receive it. Because of this, we reserve the right to cancel or stop this offer at anytime.

We will always pay for shipping to freely and properly recycle your equipment.