Securebook 5.0
Securebook 5.0
Securebook 5.0
Securebook 5.0

Securebook 5.0

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A laptop form factor computer without laptop security vulnerabilities.

All Securebooks currently ship with the 480GB SSD.

This Securebook can be used confidently in a living unit without fear of hacking or abuse by residents. The Securebook is transparent for quick visual inspection by security staff and lacks all connectivity ports for easy management by IT staff.

By removing USB ports, Cameras, Networking (ethernet and WiFi), the laptop itself has no ability to communicate with the outside world. This makes it secure in the hands of residents who are not monitored during their use of the device.

The Securebook pairs with a proprietary docking station, the Securedock, which should be kept locked away in a secure and monitored setting, for updates, printing, or network access.

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  • Can the Memory be upgraded to 16 gb?

    Unfortunately, no. The RAM on the units is soldered onto the motherboard and cannot be upgraded.

  • When will your 240 GB computers be back in stock? Looking to possibly purchase 6-8 for the correctional facility i work at. I am unable to look at your site on my work computer, but if I do order, I will use my work email.

    Hi Brent - we expect to have more of the 240GB version computers in Q2 or Q3 2021. We do have a smaller quantity of them available that could accommodate an order of 6-8 units though. We list it as out of stock because most orders are of larger size and we just don't have a large number of them available at the moment.

  • Hello There appear to be two serial numbers on the Securebooks -- one on the underside of the unit (starting with NB1919122...) and one taped to the display (starting with 638B...). Which is the correct serial number for the unit? Thank you.

    The NB1919 is correct

  • I am trying to place an order but it doesnt let me process on my credit card, it states vendor not verified...

    Hello - we don't sell to the general public any longer. We only sell to correctional facilities or their service providers directly. Can you please email me at from an official email address so we can process an order?